Essay on Elephant

Keeping elephant at home is very costly which an ordinary person cannot afford. It is grey in color. The largest elephant ever has elsphant measured as 13 feet in height and 24, pounds in weight.

The baby elephants take 20 to 22 months to get fully developed inside its mother womb.

It has a pair of white tusks. Elephant is a largest herbivorous animal on the earth. Generally two types of elephants are found on land African scientific name is Loxodonta africana and Asian scientific name is Elephas maximus.

Essay on an Elephant – Essay for Kids

When it becomes angry, it can destroy everything and engpish kill the people. We have provided the essay on an elephant for school students. It helps us bring large wood logs from the forest.

It has four legs like large pillars, two big ears it looks like big fans, a long trunk and ffor elephant essay in english for class 1 tail on the back. Following are the short essay on elephant for students under words limit ofelepuant words. We have written an essay on my pet dog for cla It lives in the dense forest. It is also considered as the strongest animal on the land. All the elephant essay given below are written using very simple words and easy sentences under various words limit.


So, we should try to be humble towards egnlish and always try to make an atmosphere in which it can survive easily. After training the elephant, it can be used in various ways according to the need such as; circus master use it as an entertainer, mahout use it to carry heavy loads from one place to another place, etc. There elephant essay in english for class 1 two types of elephants which found in two regions, Asia and Africa.

It is a good friend to mankind, if it can be properly trained for a particular purpose. Elephant is a calm animal.

Essay on an Elephant – Essay for Kids

So we should not tease it. In the ancient time, they were used by the kings and dukes in the wars and battles. Male elephant starts living alone whenever become adult however female lives in group oldest female of a group called as matriarch.

Even, it is very useful in comparison to other wild animals. His trunk is very useful to him. A baby elephant can drink about 10 liters of milk daily. They obey its keeper very sincerely till death.


Essay on Elephant for Children and Students

The elephant is considered as very smart and never forget any event happened in their life. They are very calm in nature and when teased they can be very angry and dangerous as they can destroy anything even kill the people. However, its skin is very hard but it is too much sensitive. It looks clumsy elephany children and kids like it very much.

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