Emerging Trends as a Result of Liberalisation. In Egypt, steps were taken to safeguard sale and expropriation of land. Prior toIndia was, as it is today, a predominantly agricultural country.

While other countries followed expansionist policies under state control and direction the authorities in India, following orthodox principles of currency and public finance, concentrated their energies on balancing essay on indian agriculture system budgets and maintaining the exchange rate.

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Partly on account of the shorter distance through the canal and partly on account of the increased competition among the shipping companies, the freight rates between India and Europe were slashed down. But the major problem which the agricultural sector of the country is going to face is increase in the price of agricultural essay on indian agriculture system like HYV seeds, fertilizers, pesticides etc.

However, things changed with time. Inter-personal technological dualism also started to exist in Indian agriculture as the new technology being costly continue to be adapted by only large and wealthy farmers and the small and marginal farmers in spite of essay on indian agriculture system awareness, continue to follow old techniques due to financial constraints.

The use of manures and fertilizers helps to restore the fertility of the soil. The following are some of the institutional factors which are equally responsible for the backwardness of Indian agriculture: Even the ewsay of arrears to current demand of revenue essay on indian agriculture system the Punjab increased from 4.

Also, Indian cotton was not ob cleaned and it contained an enormous admixture of dirt.

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Due to its low productivity, agriculture could manage only subsistence livings to Indian farmers and the agriculture was not all commercialised. Plants, fruits and seeds Regulation of import essya India Order,regulates the plant quarantine clearance.


The decade of s could not maintain this pace and annual growth rate has fallen to 1. Essay on indian agriculture system government of India started two important schemes for the welfare of traditional fishermen. More and more land is required for building houses, gariculture, roads and other buildings.

The demand for Indian cut flower is increasing continuously in the international market. It is only in recent years stress has been given on the development of allied sector along with the development of agriculture.

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Infian the other hand, the triple burden of rent, interest essay on indian agriculture system revenue remained at the high level. While the demand for food had greatly increased on account of the arrival of war evacuees and prisoners, a large foreign army, and increased consumption within the country, the supply position deteriorated.

Essay on indian agriculture system condition in Bengal was especially bad owing to its dependence on jute cultivation and export at a time when three was a depression in the jute industry.

Reduction in freight rates together with the linking of Indian ports with the interior of the country led to a remarkable development of commerce. The greatest challenge before the Essay on indian agriculture system Plan is to double the growth rate of agriculture so achieved in the Tenth Plan.

Thus we have seen that there is gross absence of many basic facilities in Indian agriculture and all these have resulted in low agricultural productivity and also backwardness agricultkre the agricultural sectors of the country.


Cultivation of rice, finger millet, Sugarcane, Pepper and turmeric inxian quite common. Due to gross non-participation in commercial or export market, these farmers mostly are unable to introduce high-tech machines. On the other hand, the areas that went to form Pakistan were normally surplus in wheat production to the extent of 0. This type of agriculture focuses on high yield with the aim to export it to other countries to generate profit.

The result was financial paralysis which was met agriuclture voluntary crop restriction. One of the greatest problems of Indian agriculture is essay on indian agriculture system growing indebtedness. Essaj emerging trends in agriculture which are very much prominent in the post-liberalisation period include the rising productivity, growing investment, diversification of the sector, application of modern techniques, development of horticulture and floriculture, growing volume of exports and development of food processing industry.

Such a decelerating trend is a matter essay on indian agriculture system concern. The period of relative safety from famines ended in Indian agriculture is suffering from inadequate use of inputs like fertilisers and HYV seeds.