Hills of Patriata can be seen there. Little children dressed in shalwar kameez, the traditional dress of Pakistanis can be seen selling the garlands on roadsides and they are immensely liked by tourist women and kids.

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Our Trip to Murree Hills Essay

From Nathiagali to Abbottabad the road runs down from about ft. Shopping MallsShopping. For those who live downwards to it Murree is l ike a fantasy city. Vacatino natural beauty of the area lies in the pine forests essay on summer vacation in murree are a haven for wildlife and insects. A tourist Waqas Ali said that the people feel comfort in Murree as the weather is pleasant to enjoy with family.

Tourists visiting Murree to enjoy summer vacations – Daily Pakistan Observer –

These mountains are 40 million to million years old. Hotels travelers are raving about Essa tags are currently only available for English language reviews. These Taxi drivers though puzzle the tourists in the middle of the journey by asking them which route shall they take to Murree.

NAB law needs revision for effective accountability: I have also started to read novels at night and to improve my drawing to look more attractive and appealing; I draw a cartoon and figures. Ayubia is a complex of four small hill stations. If you need this essay on summer vacation in murree any other sample, we can send it to you via email. You can see Kashmir essay on summer vacation in murree from this point. I got all A’s in my final exams.


Total ride is about 7 km long. The famous Mall road in Murree is a must visit place for summdr. From Ayubia one can follow the track for another four kilometer length to Changlagali and from there for approximately another length of same distance to Khiaragali.

After a while, it started raining cats and dogs and continued till late at night, but when it was dawn, the rain stopped. Nisar assures safety of investment on One-Constitution Avenue ….

The winter season often covers Upper Topa with a blanket of snow. Again a 4 kilometer long track which is laid on the pipeline supplying water from Dungagali to Murree. Momina Jun 12th It commands a charming view of a series of wooded spurs projecting towards the River Jhelum on the west.

A gentle shower of rain began to fall. My love of adventure is natural to me of course, the degree of love varies from person to essay on summer vacation in murree. The most centrally placed and the most well known of the Galis is Nathiagali. Our Trip to Murree Hills.


In summer it is cool even chilly in the evening while light rain is common. There is a Helicopter Pad which has a beautiful valley view.

There are many famous villages for which Rawat is the commercial centre. Flocks of monkeys gathered at the roadsides to be fed by visitors, heavy snow fall in winters and cool weather in summers vacatiom makes Murree the most loved vacation spot for Pakistanis.