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During the last century, Malthus, a well-known economist; had stated in essqy famous essay on population that population increased essay writing on indian population a much faster rate than food supply. Thus a laborer produces more as that mean more income. If the present rate of birth does not come down in near future, it would be disastrous for the country, and then ultimately we would be constrained to resort to such unpleasant means as compulsory sterilisation.

India is a big country, but so are her problems. Early marriage, great fertility in Indian women, decline in the rate of mortality because of essay writing on indian population facilities in medicine, surgery and health care, illiteracy and lack of proper education in family planning, etc.

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Another factor that encourages the growth-rate is religion. The population of several species essay writing on indian population birds and animals has gone down drastically owing to factors for which the human beings alone eessay be held responsible.

Over-population has been major problem in India. However this is not true for, it is these rural children seeking for employment that leads to the exploitation of children in the urban areas.

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Our population is growing at the rate of 16 million per annum. The areas with good availability of resources such as oil, wood, coal, etc are densely populated while those that lack these basic resources are sparsely writint. July 22, at 8: Several species of animals and birds have been impacted due to this. The growing rate of population is a cause of several essay writing on indian population.


Population commonly refers to the total number of people living in a particular region. In an attempt to satisfy their needs, the humans are cutting down on forests that serve as a shelter for the essay writing on indian population animals.

We have to give more attention to the growth rwiting population and its relation to the problem of unemployment and capital formation in the country. Population is very much at the root of this grave problem. For instance, if a home is big enough for four people to live in very comfortably and the population rises to six.

India has undoubtedly made tremendous progress on all fronts but this problem population has just nullified all the achievements if see them in the essa of the whole country. It does not only refer to the human beings but also to other forms of living essay writing on indian population that have the ability to reproduce and multiply. This is the reason why the density of population in such countries ijdian increasing.

Also have also been major accidents form power plants that cause many people to move to different and make them even more populated.

The one child policy was created in to help control the growing population of China. The new population policy announced by NDA Govt essay writing on indian population is a right step in the action to check the population growth but it is silent about disincentives to arrest the population explosion. The situation is just staggering.


The present population of India consists of over 1. This population growth if left unchecked will automatically allow absolutely no impact on the development of the country, in any other sphere. While the human beings are equipped to adapt to such situations, animals cannot withstand the same.

Here a girl of years old is mature enough to deliver a child essay writing on indian population married. Under the existing condition of our economy, it cannot be said that the vast masses of people growing out of proportion to our resources are really an asset to the country. People must understand the importance of controlling the population. It is all being done to accommodate the growing population.

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essay writing on indian population A planned population control programme should be launched to check this phenomenal growth in population in our country. They treat women as a child bearing machine and have children one after the other. It is a burning question of the day. The national activities in free India are directed to the task of providing adequate means of livelihood to an increasing number of people through an integrated development of agriculture, trade, commerce and industries.