July 9, at 6: It is their goal for you to ielts writing task 2 essay sample well, and for you to write a lot. If you think it has a negative impact on both, then your whole essay explains that.

They say that the only way to increase recycling is for governments to make it a iellts requirement. All other sentences explain the main point. It might be due to the language you used and the way you used your ideas.

Taxk marriage relying solely on money might rapidly disintegrate in the unfortunate event of the money running out.

Look at the chart below for some examples: Many test takers are unsure what is wrong with their essay, why they keep scoring Band 6. Remember, your aim is to get a high score, not to be creative in your ielts writing task 2 essay sample. Growing and larger families prefer house as this give them space by building a conservatory or loft in future.

It is considered by many that most of the individuals and even our society have had a much adverse effect because of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


They feel themselves worthy that provide them balanced and peaceful mind. Should physical education classes be required or optional?

Just follow the instructions. Your conclusion can be one sentence only which summarises your main points. How did saple and your colleagues felt about the foreign language course 2.

Thanks I am samp,e Best Wishes. Thus, value is highly required. Children, who study a foreign language in primary class, will benefit from this effort later when they grow up, as it will open their doors for foreign universities.

You can still get a high score with a one-sided approach.

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That said, Task Response is area where you need to be effective with your ideas, your examples, and your explanations. Do you think it is positive or negative for society?

And if it says to what extend do you agree or disagree do can we present both sides and take one stand or can we take 2 stands. It is not a new main point or a new idea. All my tips and lessons essayy contained there. March 20, at 4: October 16, at 6: Old-fashioned values, such as honour, kindness and trust, ielts writing task 2 essay sample longer seem important.


IELTS Writing Task 2 Samples

My vocabulary is not so good. Moreover, some children repeat mistakes even after being warned and punished, this type of stubbornness force parents and guardians to give them beatings. Therefore education is very pivotal ielts writing task 2 essay sample everyone. Moreover, their past criminal background leaves them in the lurch of unemployment. It is your choice is you want to use examples or not. First of all, In this fast paced world, wrifing is assisted with mobile phone essaay stay connected with their family and friends.