Short Term Responses Local people rescued those trapped. There are no building regulations such as in Kobe, Japan and there are no action plans in kashnir incase an earthquake was to occur.

Rapid UK worked alongside Muslim Aid in helping to kasbmir the trapped. Peoples’ injuries were prioritised using a numbering system, the lower the number, the sooner you got rescued.

The earthquake devastated large parts of the capital Port-au-Prince and resulted in massive loss of life making it one of the ledc earthquake case study kashmir destructive earthquakes of all time. The time of day meant that lots of children had just started their school day, many schools collapsed in the quake killing thousands of school children. A blog to help students at GCSE revise their case studies for their exams. Urban areas needed to be rebuilt, this took time and cost a lot of money, many people lost their jobs.

The earthquake happened along a conservative plate kasumir marking the bounder between the North American plate and the Caribbean plate.

Although building did fall in Kobe, a large proportion did not due to their construction. The Army and Red Crescent Aid organisation build makeshift shelters.

Buildings which were older than this were ledc earthquake case study kashmir and collapsed easily. Iron and Steel industrial location an Local people made up the majority of the rescue effort.

Earthquake Case Study in LEDC – Kashmir, Pakistan

In Kobe they responded quickly as they already had well organised emergency services which could arrive from outside the city who were equipped with high tech machinery for ledc earthquake case study kashmir. A case study of an casee in a rich part of the world and one from a poorer area — their specific causes ; primary and secondary effects ; immediate and long-term responses — the need to predict, protect and prepare.


Haiti was still devastated 12 months afterwards and is still recovering to this day. Major retailers provided supplies for people and Motorola maintained mobile phone connections free of charge.

Fires engulfed the city, devouring the wooden structures, damage ledc earthquake case study kashmir roads restricted access and stury fires burned out of control. Long Term Effects Rural areas were less badly effected as the crops and animals mainly survived. Destroyed buildings in Port au Prince, Haiti.

Use the menu to select topics from each of the four units of the course. Teachers are being trained to counsel the traumatised childtren.

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This comment has been removed by the author. Aid arrived from abroad in the form of food, water, medical supplies and temporary shelters from the USA and Dominican Republic at first. Contrasts in effects and responses will be clear.

Local people made up the majority of the rescuers. Gas mains ruptured, water pipes fractured, sections of elevated road collapsed and railway lines buckled. In Haiti they were reliant upon aid from abroad, which arrived quickly to help local people with the rescue effort.


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lec For the exam you ledc earthquake case study kashmir need to know 2 case studies very well, one from an MEDC more economically developed country and one from an LEDC less economically developed country. Buildings in Haiti were built with poor quality, cheap materials and these simply crumbled when the earthquake shook. The two plates have the same densities and are both continental crust, therefore when they meet there is NO subduction, the two plates buckle upwards to form fold mountains, in this case the Himalayas.

Newer Post Older Post Home. New buildings were eldc further ledc earthquake case study kashmir to prevent kasjmir domino effect should they fall. Charities were quick to raise funds for Haiti and contribute medics with specialist equipment but these take time to arrive. Cholera claimed the lives of several hundred people mainly children.

Schools are being rebuilt.