David Van Der Man. I also run my own website, college-pages. I started fishing when I was 7 years old. I get a sort of pleasure out of it.

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I started swimming when I was in grade 4. I like reading books because it help me know more about the world and relax. Books provide the readers with so much information and facts. Everyone has a different hobby, like singing, dancing, music, etc.

I usualy share my hobby with my friend and my english teacher. He read a lots books a day and I still remember the first book I read, it was about a haughty rabbit and a hard-working tortoise, I was so amzing when I read that book, so I began reading book. However, my hobby essay 10 points they got fed up and tired of having to read to me continually. Today I would like to tell you about my hobby.

I am in class 7a2 at Quang Trung Secondary school.

So decide upon a good hobby immediately. I have adopted this hobby because people say gardening gives you my hobby essay 10 points of mind when I practiced it have come to know that they said the truth.


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In our life it is good to have a hobby. It help me to relax after hardwork and it help me stronger. A person who takes up gardening should, therefore, be always alert and active.

I want to be a famous footballer.

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A hobby is an activity which is pursued in leisure time, mainly for recreation and replenishing the energy lost through work. I wish I could read different kinds of books because it might be very challenging.

Today I would tell esxay about my hobby essay 10 points hoppy. Hobby is a kind of pleasant engagement of a person during his or her leisure hours.

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I started playing badminton when I was 7 years old. One of my paintings was selected to be exhibited in our school fair.

Hello everybody, today I want to tell you about my hobby. These lines have so much impact on me that I have made it a mission in my life to go on working till my last breath.


It is indeed a good hobby. Your article also mistakes as: I started playing table tennis when I was 12 years old.

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Also, I do my hobby essay 10 points have to go deep into the jungle to learn about the tiger. I am better equipped to cope with living. The wonderful thing about reading is that I do not have to learn things the hard way. I like it very much so I will keep this hobby forevers.