Featured Image Width px, Height px. Studying PhDs in the United Kingdom. They avoided the added expense of the pesticides, increasing their return, and that, in turn, gave their families improved opportunities to send their children to school. Economic and environmental impact analysis of wind turbine based on alternative materials Advert Reference: The long-term value, in this case, came out of the societal effects – thesid knowledge they gained lasted longer than the environmental labelling.

Now she is to become Sweden’s first professor of industrial and domestic ecologies. It can be difficult for people to understand that they can’t expect the same performance from me anymore.

Get funding phd thesis life cycle analysis, tips and advice. We’ve been helping students find the right PhD opportunity phd thesis life cycle analysis over a decade. Worked for a while as a reporter for the technology magazine Ny Teknik during a sabbatical from the university.

A world pioneer in life cycle research | Chalmers

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Henrikke Baumann was one of the first people in phd thesis life cycle analysis world to earn a doctorate in life cycle assessment. This analysid in the early s when life-cycle assessment was still a new field.


Masters Degrees in Ireland.

Postgraduate Study Fair, London. It sort of came with the job.

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Copyright All rights reserved. After the accident, she woke up to a new life situation, where a brain injury and post-traumatic stress syndrome taught her about brain fatigue and the importance of focusing on one thing at a time. When LCAs are combined with an understanding of how dycle phd thesis life cycle analysis social systems interact, it spotlights even more aspects, Baumann says.

A world pioneer in life cycle research

We use cookies to give you the best online experience. Skip to main content. Interested in doctoral studies? The new professor of industrial and domestic ecologies at Chalmers.

She began her studies at Chalmers in chemical engineering, then went on to study history of technology, international relations, environmental science and nuclear chemistry.


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In the past ten years, Baumann has paved the way for a phd thesis life cycle analysis perspective on LCAs, by introducing human activity and material flows into the research.

Her family moved around a lot; she spent her childhood in France and Belgium and attended a British convent school.

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At the same time, other effects – for the players themselves – became clear.