Thus sampling is needed to reveal the hidden computed and structure of research proposal for masters in computer science underlying network. Test the tool on your own home directory and evaluate the result. Develop an extendable framework that enables comparison of different techniques used for similarity analysis. Task Develop a tool that recursively traverses a file system and visualizes the result. In either case, the research proposal should give your initial impression of the proposed PhD project, a methodology that you believe could be adopted and a brief explanation of why you consider the topic to be important and worth studying.

Use a database with resolved issues from the open source domain as data source and key.

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Mandy Turkalj mandyd uwindsor. This complexity measure can not be computed, but it can be approximated using compression methods. Develop a tool that recursively traverses a file system and visualizes the result. We show that RE sampling is better than RN sampling in general.

Academic Programs How to apply. We suggest that your research proposal be structured as follows:.

Often the raw data are not available and the summaries released by the service providers are sketchy. Evaluate how suitable they are for detecting duplicated software defects. We use the proposal research proposal for masters in computer science assess the quality and originality of your ideas and whether you have a grasp of the relevant background that is sufficient to allow you to undertake the work. Once you have started to study, you will be able to mawters the original proposal in the light of detailed literature review, further consideration of research approaches and comments received from the supervisors and other academic staff.


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General course links About our education Cooperation or plagiarism. When hundreds or thousands of developers work on such information and the information also come in different versions, chaos is unavoidable. Automatic Analysis of Defect Reports All software systems larger than toy research proposal for masters in computer science contain defects and during their lifetimes defect reports will be collected.

The research proposal may present an original idea that you would like to work on as a PhD student. Furthermore, visualization of network structure is studied to explain the impact of network structure on the performance of sampling methods. The personal statement should include any other information you consider relevant, including your reasons research proposal for masters in computer science motivation for applying.

Investigate which features should be extracted from defects, try to find patterns. To write a good research proposal, make sure that your ideas are clearly stated and well focused. We suggest that your research proposal be structured as follows: Getting started at university can pose unique challenges for students with disabilities.


In writing a research proposal, you will not be committing yourself to its precise program or methodology. Normalized Compression Distance, is a function that has been developed to calculate the distance between information, which has been used to successfully cluster things as separated as genomes, Russian authors, composers of classical music and spoken languages.

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About us Staff directory What is computer science? It is based on Kolmogorov Complexity from the domain of information theory. Alternatively, it may present your own perspective of a PhD project that you have selected from our list.

Try the tool on some bigger project from the open source domain. A considerable amount of the found defects might already have been reported, a fact that requires time and effort to determine.

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