In Bengal, the occasion is celebrated as Durga Puja.

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The main objectives of festivals are to bring people from different walks of life to welcome each section of society with open arms and to forget the narrow differences between one another. Essay on National Festivals of India. Paryushan The Short essay on india a land of festivals Parva also known as Dash Lakshan Parva is one of the two most important festivals for the Jains, celebrated for self-purification and uplift of oneself.

April brings with it the occasion of Baisakhi and Ram Navami. It is celebrated on October 2, every year.

There may be differences in the rituals that are observed but the essence behind the celebration is the same. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. It features an infinite variety of landscapes and unsurpassed cultural richness. In remote places like Fiji, Mauritius, Trinidad, Jamaica, and Guyana, these festivals are celebrated with a pomp and vigor not always witnessed indi India itself, indicating the intensity of India culture even after it travels away from the subcontinent.

Diwali can be thought of loosely as the Indian version of Christmas, in terms of how it is observed. There is a great diversity in the Indian regions and these diversities have brought about an assortment of rituals and festivals too. The National level of celebration is done for some festivals whereas some of are celebrated at a regional level.


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This festival is celebrated every year by the people of Jain religion and They are out there partying as hard as, if not harder than their Christian friends! They commemorate their life with 10 Sikh gurus of their religion including their teachings.

The descriptions of the festivals in this essay offer only a taste of Indian culture. We often see that some festivals are undia popular in a particular region. During the months of September and October, the great short essay on india a land of festivals festival of Durga Puja is celebrated in West Bengal to welcome the Goddess as she comes to visit her mother’s place, kn is, the earth, from her husband’s home in heaven.

Be it regional festivals or national festivals — all the festivals in our country are celebrated with short essay on india a land of festivals and joy. If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Sikha people have lots of unique and the festivals you have never seen before. People observe these festivals with great devotion as they believe that fasts and festivals purify their minds and inspire them to lead a better and purer life.

Where there is a Caribbean Carnival Fest that is where you will find short essay on india a land of festivals place full of energy. India is very well known as a country of cultural ibdia traditional festivals as it has many cultures and religions.


Paragraph on National Festivals of India. Indian festivals are thus important for the students in more than one way.

The occasion is celebrated until today. Furthermore, these festivals represent the Hindu tradition. This festival fills us with pride that now we live in a sovereign democratic republic country with a constitution of our own. All three national festivals of India are given special importance.

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They bring people together. However, there are certain festivals that are celebrated throughout the country with equal enthusiasm.

indiaa Some of the festivals are celebrated as according to the historical mythology, some for seasonal changes and some for cleaning to keep the environment safe. Navaratri is the longest Hindu festival celebrated all over India, specially in the state of West-Bengal. Indian fairs and festivals are edsay major attraction and best way to explore India. Our national festivals especially Independence Day reminds us of the struggle and sacrifice that our people went through to gain independence.