Does It Prevent Drug Abuse ” they Johnson has argued against the belief that watching TV leaves negativity over the person rather he came up with the idea of watching TV makes you smarter and contributes in the intelligence.

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They Say I Say Exercise 1 “Watching TV Makes You Smarter” | casunley

After reading your explanations, I was able to understand the quote even better. It was unique because only a few people actually had an introduction.

You are commenting using your WordPress. It has a good impact on academic achievements if it is watched only for the purpose of gaining knowledge such as some television channels are good as they increase the general knowledge of tthey for instance, national geographic channel, and sports channels. Does Watching Tv Make Us You used some great clarifications throughout your explanations.

Through out one of these series the audience is being spoon-fed the substance of the show. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Email required Address never made public. Notify me of new comments via email. I want things in my life that make me sharp and although I enjoy things simple, I need my recreational television to make me more of a nimble-minded person.

Response to Steven Johnson “Watching TV Makes You Smarter”

But as that 24 episode suggests, the exact opposite is happening: The writer of this topic has represented his views on television and how it impacts on our daily lives and how it makes a person smarter. Reply to this comment. Once again, Johnson states the opposing view and then uses it to build upon one he wishes to express.


The primary motive of this book is to guide academic writing and to summarize what others have said. It has clearly signified the move of summarizing what other says ‘they say’ to setting up your own argument ‘I say’. According to him TV makes us they say i say watching tv makes you smarter essay because it teaches us everything even the things which we are not going to learn in our academic lives and how this information make a person smarter and know it all type of person.

I really liked how you explained the quotes in detail. But, I strongly disagree with Johnson that watching TV makes you smarter rather it makes us dumber by affecting our health and abilities. It is boring to watch Waching that spoon feeds you.

No body wants to listen to a monotonous teacher.

When I read the passage, I interpreted it differently. Thesis Statements Wmarter television has adversely affected our health and abilities. About casunley University student.


This book has got a considerable significance in schools and academies. Television has a great role in convincing youth towards the delinquent activities in the society. Notify me of new comments via email. He explains how certain TV series a few decades ago have hidden arrows pointing to the point smqrter a plot, basically giving you clues on what is going on instead of letting you figure it out on your own.

They Say I Say Exercise 1 “Watching TV Makes You Smarter”

This book provides so several templates to assist student about writing and how to make key moves in writing. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here We both had a similar example but I really like the way you explained it though. Esssay would like to say that with the increase