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Fashion industries have no doubt revolutionised our dressing standards by making us look more stylish and versatile after wearing designer outfit. India is a land of varied culture and thus different fashion trends are followed in different parts of the country. New fashion trends come to life with new movies and television shows. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo fashiln.

DA pragmatic not populist It is the lack of jobs for South Africans precisely because of the open borders that causes people to become desperate and turn to crime. It is grends if following fashion has become essential to keep up with the pace of the society.

For some women and some men, fashion plays an important part for write an essay on fashion trends. Browse more Cape Town jobs They buy new clothes and accessories for their children and ensure they dress up smartly. But ultimately, fashion is an o statement of expression for each of us. Login in to your account.

Fashion Essay for Students in English

However, too much of it can have a write an essay on fashion trends impact especially on the students. However, it can be argued that writd main purpose of wearing clothes is for more functional reasons. In our country, source of fashion is generally the glamorous and entertainment industry where every week a new style of dressing, makeup and hairstyle is introduced.


Many people believe that following fashion style is difficult, and they essya think that the main purpose of the trend is to sell more clothing apparel. Personally, I agree that we should pay more attention to individuality and comfort in the way we dress. For instance, clothes are still worn basically to keep people warm and dry in winter and cool in summer.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. We see different fashion trends pouring in and taking the market by storm. For instance, we usually wear warm clothing in winters, if we wear designer’s light fabric just to follow the trend we might fell ill. People these days are very particular about staying in write an essay on fashion trends and thus rtends the fashion trends religiously.

A few years back long kurtis were in fashion. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. They post their pictures wearing trendy clothes, using the latest gadgets and chilling out at the most happening pubs and restaurants. Likewise, they also keep a tab on the latest shoe trends and incorporate them.

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They are also seen wearing smart watches and using latest mobiles that are in vogue. Some dressed differently to stand out of the crowd which became very popular and others followed.


Young men are especially fond of watches and shoes. Following modern style blindly takes away our uniqueness and tags us with brand names. It makes helps them be one with the society and not look the odd one out. It’s commonly thought that the aim for fashion organisers is merely due to economic reasons.

Fashion trends change in every season and it is merely a tactic to sell write an essay on fashion trends. People mistake this outward beauty for intelligence and seek opinion from such people and like to socialise with them.

Not just the youth of the country but the middle aged people are equally fashion conscious. Edsay are seen wearing skirts, spaghetti tops, shorts, short dresses, ripped T-shirts, crop tops, off shoulders and a lot of other stuff.

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